Brush Fire Season Again!

Its hard to believe brush fire season is here already. It seems like it was just yesterday we were dealing with flooding from Hurricane Irma. But if you watch the news at all you have seen that there has been numerous fires already. So you ask yourself what can I do to prevent a brush fire from devastating my property. Most importantly you want to get any dead brush/trees removed. A lot of us have some left over debris from Irma that still needs to be removed, this could be a potential fire starter. Have it removed or Mulched as soon as possible. Clear away any brush or trees close to the house. The next step is to have a fire line cleared around the border of your property to create...

Stump Grinding and Hurricane Irma Clean Up

Hope everyone is getting back to normal after the hurricane. We got hit pretty hard here in Bonita Springs and Naples. Our prayers are with everyone who lost everything. The streets are still lined with hurricane debris in many places. Hopefully that will all be gone soon. If you were left with any dead trees or stumps from trees that fell we can help you with that. The dead trees can be cut up and hauled away or we can use our Forestry Mulcher to mulch/grind up the trees this leaves the mulch on the property. We can then grind the stumps left behind and leave the area ready for replanting. I have a video below of stump grinding and a before and after picture of Forestry Mulching


Summer a time for growth!

We had a very dry winter but summer is here and so is the rain. With the rain comes a lot of growth. Grass and weeds along with all horticulture grow so fast it feels like we cant keep up with it. Beauty is everywhere in Florida. Now is the time for clearing away some of the unwanted vegetation before it gets out of control. Bush Hogging and Forestry Mulching are two of the ways to help with this. Bush Hogging (or Brush Hogging) can take care of the grass too thick for a traditional lawn mower and the Forestry Mulcher can take care of the brush/trees too thick for the Bush Hog. Some times with all the rain you are also left with standing water, now may be the time to bring in some f...

Clearing brush to prevent Fire Danger

Although wet seasons seems to be finally here, I am sure we all still have the winter fires on our mind. To prepare and prevent fire damage to your home and property you may want to consider clearing the brush away from your house and off your property. This can be done a few ways depending on the extent of your overgrowth. To start you want to have all trees and brushed cleared away from your house so if the fire does get near, there may be a chance to keep it away from your home. You will also want to keep overgrown bushes and trees cut or have them removed. We have two ways to accomplish this; total removal and haul away or Forestry Mulching which will produce a mulch like consistenc...

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